Thursday, September 27, 2012

We are so pleased to announce that there is now an electronic version of our Alaskan cookbook available for purchase! For only $9.99 you can instantly download Nomemade and take it with you wherever you go. Click the link:

  Nomemade Cookbook 

Nome-grown sisters Kim Knudsen and Lynn Hicken are authors of a cookbook celebrating local food called Nomemade. Many of the recipes are inspired by their mother, Thu Lan, who is from Vietnam. While celebrating local ingredients like blueberries, moose, crab and salmon, many of their recipes have an Asian influence.  Nomemade Cookbook is a 6x6 inch spiral bound book with over 40 recipes.  Pages are in full color printed on heavy duty laminate paper so you can wipe spills easily.  
The 6x6 inch sprial bound book is no longer available on our website.